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A giving heart and the power of bequest

A giving heart and the power of bequest

Henry Humkey lived his full and rich life with a simple philosophy: When you see a need, do your best to meet it. Henry and his beloved wife, Regina taught their four children, four grandchildren and five great grandchildren by example and his son, Charlie said his dad's example spoke louder than any words.

Henry had a generosity of spirit that was second to none and when he gave, he gave of himself. Every decision Henry made brought impact and meaning to others. It was no surprise to his son then, to learn of Henry's decision to make OSF HealthCare the beneficiary of a CD at his local bank. That simple decision by Henry made a powerful impact that will benefit countless lives.

Beneficiary designations on assets like bank accounts, insurance policies, and retirement accounts mean those named will benefit immediately upon the owners passing, without the need for probate. Changing a beneficiary designation is easy and can be done with a simple form from your account administrator.

There is power in bequest. Henry passed in 2018 but his legacy lives on in his beloved children and grandchildren. It also lives on in the life of every person cared for by OSF HealthCare, serving all persons with the greatest care and love. Thank you, Henry, for sharing your legacy!

To view sample bequest language for a gift to OSF HealthCare, please CLICK HERE